Ciaran Frame

composer/media artist/sound designer

Composer, Media Artist, Sound Designer


I am deeply inspired by the trajectory of music and bioart in our modern society, but still feel that more can be done to advance the role it plays in our lives and the means by which we interact with it. The LABVERDE Art Immersion Program presents itself as an invaluable opportunity for my future artistic career and development as a media artist. I feel that my passion for cross-disciplinary art forms, both within the creative arts and in non-musical disciplines, combined with an interest in ecology and biology, makes this opportunity unsurpassed, and my past output and experience in collaborative residencies as well as my passion for bioart and extra-musical collaboration makes me well equipped to perform in the context of this program.


My past work in bioart includes:


Thallus is a generative music notation system based on lichen in the arctic circle. It provides a means to musically ‘perform’ the many diverse communities of lichen found underfoot in the environment of Kilpisjärvi in Northern Lapland, Finland. Scores are generated on a per-performer basis, and are based on the synthesis of traditional notation with lichen samples from the environment.

More detail on Thallus can be found here.



BOTSOT is the Botanical Sonification Toolbox – a series of tools and instruments made for Max that explore invisible communications, information and structures within plant species, all through the sonification of data and plants’ environments. It aims to extend people’s knowledge and understanding of botanical life by revealing a world that is often only visible to scientists. Using the physical data and characteristics of any given species, BOTSOT allows for comparisons and deeper insights into plants through the medium of music.

More detail on BOTSOT can be found here.


Selected Portfolio Works


Creative Plan

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Statement of Motivation

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Full list of works

bach.exe (2015) for large chamber ensemble

Collider (2015) Projection mapping installation  - in collaboration with Mackenzie Etherington - displayed at “Intercellular” at the University of Sydney

Spin-Lattice Relaxation (2015) Mixed-music work for Saxophone Quintet - performed by Petrichor Sax at Glebe Justice Centre

Externals (2015) Work for 3 pianos and click tracks - performed at Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Mercury (2014) Mixed-music work for Solo Flute - performed by Chloe Chung as part of the “Cosmos Project” from the Spacebears Collective

Bellicoso (2014) for String Quintet

Organic Compound (2014) Generative music work

This is not a boiling kettle. (2014) Sound installation for boiling kettle

Chamber Array (2014) for 1 Marimba 8 players with click-tracks

Aokigahara (2013) for Solo Piano

Die Sprungkraft (2012) for Clarinet Quartet

Mnemosyne (2012) for Solo Vibraphone

Thallus (2017) Open instrumentation with generative scoring

Listeners as Spectators (2017) Chamber quartet and LED lighting - premiered by Ensemble Offspring at the Red Rattler Theatre, Sydney

Music Orchard (2017) Interactive installation - in collaboration with Damian Barbeler, John Taylor and Tim Jetis, commissioned by Destination NSW as part of Vivid Light 2016, installed in Circular Quay, Sydney

superexpress (2017) Generative video installation - first performed at Golden Age Cinema, Sydney

BOTSOT (2016) Generative Sonification Toolbox

Treehugger (2016) Interactive installation - commissioned by Destination NSW as part of Vivid Light 2016, installed in Circular Quay, Sydney

Rotational Imbalance (2016) for large chamber ensemble

Many Hands Make Light Work (2016) Interactive installation in collaboration with Ramus Group - Central Park, Sydney

Polaris (2015) Work for 6 Grand Pianos in collaboration with Fenn Idle - performed at Theme and Variations Piano Store

LCD (2015) Fixed audio-visual work - displayed as part of “R E M I E I M B E R” at Alaska Projects

Truss (2015) Projection mapping installation - displayed at Legs on the Wall, Sydney


Ars Bioarctica Residency (2017) Kilpisjärvi, Finland

Honours thesis The abstract reality? Investigating the use of MIDI protocol in the current creative process of modern electronic music composers. (Download)


Further information

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.