Ciaran Frame

composer/media artist/sound designer

Composer, Media Artist, Sound Designer

Point of Sale

What makes an idea worth its weight in gold? Point of Sale is an exploration into what the progression of modern markets and industries means to the world of music. The work exists online as a webstore, where visitors may submit ideas and attempt to sell them in a competitive marketplace. During a performance of Point of Sale, performers are given a budget that can be used to purchase and print ideas live in the concert. How and when they spend the money is completely up to them – frugal performers might choose to gradually purchase small sketches, whereas big spenders might blow it all on one idea. In the process, Point of Sale attempts to understand and critique the tension between the arts and their respective industries. The work manifests these frictions in a real life scenario by applying a webstore and unorthodox performance techniques to the traditional concert medium and chamber music setting. Through mimicry of wider contextual issues in the context of a musical work, the piece hopes to provoke discussion of issues surrounding the direction and nature of ‘industries’ concerning music and the arts.

More info on the functioning of Point of Sale can be found here.

Point of Sale is a work that relies on multiple performances.

It was most recently performed by the Sydney Conservatorium Composer's Ensemble in October 2016.