Photos Tim Jetis

With this poetic work, you enter a secret garden, which takes the form of an orchard with just one single, special tree. Hanging are a set of spheres like electric fruit. They glow and emit their own unique melody of musical sounds. The set of letterforms add another layer, which create a feeling that these orbs have landed from another world. Sophisticated technologies, hidden inside each globe, allow them to behave as if they are alive and aware of their surroundings.

Left untouched, the work performs a beautiful sound and light display, with colours and musical layers flowing back and forth across the sculpture. However Music Orchard is also interactive; a touch to any individual globe will cause it to animate and perform its very own pre-programed solo music. The different melodies also work together in an ever-changing musical composition.

Music Orchard

Interactive installation,
Technical consultant


John Taylor

Damian Barbeler

Tim Jetis