This work was designed to create a natural ‘dialogue’ between the John Broadwood and Sons Piano and performer Zubin Kanga. The instrument itself, an antique piano, presents a near limitless capacity for interesting and peculiar sound creation, almost as if it has it’s own personality. With this in mind, I’ve chosen to create this work around the idea that the piano could ‘talk back’, as if it had stored in it limitless sound worlds and memories from the many times it has been played across the decades and centuries.

Performer and piano, through the aid of a generative tape part and LED lighting, appear to interact with each other. The LED lighting follows the average amplitude of performer and tape part, with the generative tape part ‘improvising’ based on simple spectral analysis of the performer’s improvisations.

The elements within the graphic score have been generated based on various imagery and data from elements on the Broadwood piano itself.

Open Dialogue

Solo piano and electronics


Zubin Kanga